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Diffusers & Gift Sets

Gift a friend or treat yourself: our Aroma Bottle Necklaces and Oil Warmer Diffusers come as a gift pack with a choice of essential oil included.

Our Bath, Body, & Massage gift sets offer substantial discounts over separately purchased products.

Essential Oils

Our pure essential oils are very concentrated, unadulterated, high quality oils suitable for aromatherapeutic uses. Treat them with respect. Dilute before applying to skin. These are not intended or packaged for internal use.

Our diluted essential oils are our pure oils dissolved in a jojoba base. These can be worn as a perfume or annointing oil, or further diluted for use in massage.

We also offer Essential Oil Sets groups of oils sold as a themed set with accompanying bonuses or discounts.

Bath & Body and Dilution Oils

Carrier oils currently available include Almond, Jojoba, and Wheat Germ use these to make your own perfume, bath, or massage oils.

Our thick luxurious Bath & Shower Gel and Hand & Body Lotion are available in several scents or unscented to fragrance as you wish. We also have a spray mist base available scented or unscented.

See the Bath, Body, & Massage page for accessories and value gift sets.