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Fixed Carrier Oils


Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil has very little odor of its own and absorbs well into the skin. It is suitable for massage, moisturizing, or making perfumes.

Available in 2 oz. for $4.50, 4 oz. for $6.50, or 8 oz. for $10.

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Jojoba is very similar to your natural skin oils and absorbs well. It is excellent on all skin types moisturizing and protecting it. Jojoba is odorless and hypoallergenic. It is technically a liquid wax rather than an oil and won't go rancid.

Available in 2 oz for $5.50, 4 oz. for $8.75 or 8 oz. for $15.50.

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Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat Germ oil is a dark oil with a wheat nut scent. It is very high in vitamins especially antioxidant Vitamin E so it can help maintain freshness of oil blends. By itself it is sticky, but blended with lighter oils it can be soothing for rough dry skin. Use up to 10% in another oil like the Almond Oil.

Available in 1/4 oz. vial (enough to blend with 8 oz. of Almond Oil) for $2.00, or 2 oz. bottle for $10.50 or 4 oz. for $18.

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